Bright Future

Because this church's roots run so deep in both history and faith, the past is honored and the future anticipated all for the glory of God! Beginning in 2006, under the leadership of Pastor Tom Robbins, the church experienced more new growth. Plans were made to construct a new Family Life Center at the intersection of Second Street and Barton. Completed in late 2009, this new facility houses the church's contemporary worship service, provides larger kitchen and banquet space, renovated space for youth ministry, and includes more new Sunday school rooms. For the completion of this construction, new parking lots were also paved and property was purchased, including two blocks of 2nd Street, north of Adams Avenue; and two blocks of Barton Street, on either side of 2nd Street.

In 2017 Pastor Brian Longley was appointed as Associate Pastor and is over Evangelism, Discipleship, Pastoral Care, and leads the Wednesday Chapel Service. The same year, Pastor Ken Jarrell was appointed as Associate Pastor along with his duties as Director of Youth Ministries, Pastoral Care, leading the contemporary Wellspring Service and leads Local Missions. Preaching is shared between Pastors Tom, Brian, and Ken.