Sunday School Classes

Our Sunday School classes are a vital part of our discipleship at FUMC Temple. Scroll down to find the right class for you! Classes are located in various places around our campus and gather Sunday Mornings from 9:40 am to 10:40 am. 

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Class for young couples and singles. Recent studies include video series with discussion of James, Ephesians, The Unexpected Messiah, and the devotional guide For All Who Seek God. The class studies are facilitated by Gary and Brenda Smith. We enjoy getting together to eat lunch after church, swim parties, etc. so that we can get to know each other's families and deepen our Christian friendships.

New faces are always welcome!

John 8:12

Class members are generally age 35 and up. Discussions are on current and historic topics and how they pertain to Christianity and the daily walk for followers of Jesus Christ. Recent studies have included a 12-week study of Judaism by Professor Isaiah M. Gafni.

Cornerstone Class

Room 230

Open to adults of all ages looking for a place to grow in faith and fellowship. Bible based studies will emphasize open discussion where all thoughts and opinions are welcome and respected.

Contemporary Christians

Dennis Hall - Room 118

Class members are generally ages 40 and up. Studies usually include book and video components followed by discussion. Recent studies have included The Wesleyan Way by Scott J. Jones and Counterfeit Christianity by Roger E. Olsen. The class celebrates "Social Sunday" with potluck dishes on the first Sunday of every month.

The Saints and Sinners class is made up of mature, active adults, oth couples and singles, who have formed a strong bond of friendship over the years but who warmly welcome new additions to their circle of love and support. Lively class discussions are led by a team of four teachers, two retired physicians and two retired professors. Studies alternate between studies of scriptural books and topical studies. Recents studies have included the New Testament book of Ephesians and C. S. Lewis's Screwtape Letters. Class attendance varies between 25 and 40. A circle of prayer closes each class.

A small class for ages 50 and up. Free thought and open discourse on topical and contemporary subjects is encouraged. Media used include videos of spiritual lectures, dramatic interpretations of biblical stories, and travels of the Holy Lands.

Dawson Class

Room 201

First organized in 1954, membership in this historic class is generally ages 50 and up. The class is led by rotating teachers using the Cokesbury Adult Bible Study. The benediction spoken in unison each Sunday is from Psalm 90:12, "So teach us to number our days that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom."

Prayer Warriors

Meets Sunday Evenings at the Howard's Home

A new class for all ages and stages of faith. The focus is on the prayers of the Bible through practice and participation. The primary leader is Dr. David Howard, a retired pastor and counselor.

We focus on short studies led by various class members. Recent studies include: The Ragamuffin Gospel by Brennan Manning and Walk as Jesus Walked a video series.

Most members are singles and couples with young children. The teachings of Jesus are examined as they impact daily lives. The class is friendly and outgoing and members enjoy meeting new friends. The class is facilitated by Dr. Tom Robbins.


Room 306

The class is generally for ages 21 to 45, single, married, and single again. Lessons are Bible based and are energetic and lively. Everyone is welcome, no matter what stage of life or faith JOURNEY they may be on.

Wellspring Class

Dennis Hall Break Room

We are an eclectic, casual, caring adult group who would love to welcome visitors or new members to our class or simply share information about other possible classes and areas in which all ages can get involved at FUMC Temple. Our lesson format is based on the current Sunday devotional found in the Upper Room Devotional booklet. All welcome!

Friendship Class

Room 302 & 303

Organized in 1947, this class is the oldest of the adult Sunday school classes. Class members are generally ages 50 and up. The class is led by rotating teachers using the Cokesbury Adult Bible Study for both old and new testaments. We welcome visitors and new members. We use our offerings to support local missions.


Room 111

This class is a melting pot of people of different ages and stages in their faith journey. The class format is discussion where all viewpoints are welcome.