Family Promise Volunteering

Upcoming Dates: April 8 - 14, 2018

First United Methodist Church of Temple has a partnership with Family Promise through providing housing, transportation, and meals for homeless families in transition. Volunteers are needed to drive in the mornings and evenings, provide dinner, and stay overnight as chaperones during the course of one week. Please follow the link below to reach the sign-up genius to sign up and for more specific information.

Link: Family Promise at FUMC Temple Sign-Up Genius

Continual Giving Opportunity

We are glad to announce our Church's registration with Amazon Smile! Click on the link below and log in to select our organization and begin donating with every purchase!

Confirmation 2017-2018

If you are in 6th grade, confirmation is for you! 

Here you will learn what makes a Methodist a Methodist and what it means to be a Christian in this church. We meet during Sunday School in a youth classroom every Sunday. Each confirmand will have a Friend in Faith, which is an adult mentor to walk with them through this process. Once the year is over, confirmands will have the opportunity to affirm their faith in front of the congregation and become members of the church. Confirmation is part of the Methodist faith journey for youth to decide for themselves and learn about taking ownership of their faith! To sign up follow the link HERE.

If you are an adult and wish to serve as a Friend In Faith, email Brian Longley at This is a wonderful way to serve our growing church and guide our soon to be full members in their walk with God!

Position Available:

Mother's Day Out/Preschool Director

Candidates applying must have the requirements listed below. 

Resumes should be directed to Dr. Tom Robbins at or dropped off at the church office.

General Information:  Chapter 43 of the Human Resources Code and Title 40 of the Texas Administrative Code require that a person not serve as an administrator of a child-placing agency without a Child-Placing Agency Administrator License and not serve as an administrator of a general residential operation (GRO) or residential treatment center (RTC) without a Child-Care Administrator License.

To be eligible for a Child-Care Administrator License OR Child-Placing Agency Administrator License, you must:

  1. Submit three professional references from individuals who can attest to your work experience and competence as a child-care administrator, or child-placing agency administrator if you are applying for a child-placing agency administrator license. Forms are included in the application packet for use by your references.  Only original, handwritten references will be accepted.
  2. Submit evidence of at least one year of management/supervisory experience in a residential child care setting, or a licensed child-placing agency if you are applying for a child-placing agency administrator license. To fulfill the requirement for one year of experience in management and supervision of personnel and programs, you must substantiate through an employer reference that you have: 
    1. Completed the experience within the last 10 years,
    2. Completed the experience at a residential child-care setting, or a licensed child-placing agency if you are applying for a child-placing agency administrator license,
    3. Shared responsibility for implementing the operation’s program(s), and
    4. Supervised at least one member of the child care staff, or child-placing staff if you are applying for a child-placing agency administrator license.

Verification of this managerial experience must be provided by a present or former supervisor on one of the reference forms. 

Under no circumstances does child-placing agency experience count toward meeting this requirement if you are applying for a Child-Care Administrator License, nor does institutional experience count toward meeting this requirement if you are applying for a Child-Placing Agency Administrator License.  Experience as a foster parent or caregiver in a foster home counts toward neither license.

  1. Submit evidence of one of the following education and experience qualifications: 
              A. Master's or Doctoral Degree
              B. Bachelor's Degree and at least two years of full-time child care or related work experience.
    You must submit an original, official transcript or original letter of verification from the appropriate educational institution to verify your education.  All applicable work experience must be documented on the application form.
  2. Pass criminal background and abuse/neglect central registry checks conducted by the Department and submit the required criminal history affidavit.
  3. Pass an examination.

ABOUT THE EXAMINATION:  The exam is multiple choice and includes questions covering the following topics:

  • Current minimum standards
  • Resource development and fiscal management
  • Professional ethics in administration
  • Personnel management
  • Child development
  • Child psychology (basics regarding abused and neglected children in residential care)
  • Program development
  • Client rights
  • Professional legal liabilities
  • Cultural competencies

The only study guide available for the exam is the current minimum standards, which are accessible via our web site or by calling any Licensing office to request a copy.

IF YOU INTEND TO APPLY FOR BOTH LICENSES:  You will be required to pay the appropriate fees for each license, you must meet the minimum qualifications for each license, and you must pass each of the separate exams.

All required documents must be received before the application can be processed and approved or denied.