Amplify Media

Amplify Media is a streaming service allowing churches large and small unlimited video access in order to discover, customize, and share diverse resources that encourage deeper discipleship and equip churches to pursue their mission with greater impact.

Now available on iPad, iPhone, Android phones, Android Tablets, and Roku.
Soon available on FireTV.

FUMC Temple on Amplify
Our very own Shining Light series is available to watch here! Due to the setup of Amplify we are able to provide content directly from our church for your viewing. Utilize all kinds of videos for your bible studies, children's christian education, youth resources, and tons of specially made UMC Publishing House content to view right at your fingertips!

How To Get There

Here are the steps to setup

1. Go online to

2a. Login where prompted.

2b. If it is your first time logging in, click to enter your code.

  -  Use code: RNFTZG. (This is specific to FUMC Temple)

  - Finish setting up your profile

(You will use your email and password to login from this point forward whether on your computer or the Amplify app you've downloaded to your smart device or Roku)

Now you're all set! 

Questions? Please email