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Mission Statement

Our mission at FUMC Temple is to pray-fully lead children to God, instill a belief in Jesus Christ, and model unconditional love and service to others. 

Our core value is to present our Children's Ministry in an environment that is Bible based, Safe, Nurturing, Creative, Relational, Servant-minded, Child centered, Age Appropriate, and lots of FUN! We hope that through these core values we will develop maturing young Christians. 


The curriculum used at FUMC Temple is in support of the United Methodist theology and doctrine and contains basic elements common to all Christians. 

Ministry Safe Campus

The safety and security are very important here at FUMC Temple. The church has a policy in place that define the guidelines and training of our staff and volunteers. FUMC Temple complies with the Central Texas Conference of the United Methodist Church If you would like to look at our policy please click here

Questions? Contact Laura Stinnett, Director of Children's Ministry, in the church office at 254.773.5269 or email at


You can view Sunday morning services at 9:45am or 11:00am on Facebook or the church website main page.  

Sunday School Online

Lesson 3 ~ God Creates People

Genesis 1:26 – 2:4

September 20, 2020

Prepare to Wonder:

This Bible story is not only about creation, but also about the creativity God places

in each of us. God creates humanity. God then shares the creative process by

giving humanity a part of God’s self. “Let us” demonstrates that God is not

working alone. God is engaged in relationship of mutuality and shares the creative

process with others.

When God creates humans, God does so in God’s own image. To be created in the

image of God is as if we are mirrors of God in the world. Each of us is a reflection

of something greater. We are created to resemble the divine. This is a gift.

Everyone has God within, and it is because of this that we are able to embrace

our own unique expressions as children of God. Our ability to imagine and be

creative is a part of how we are made in the image of God.

On the seventh day God rests, but this does not mean God will not continue to act

and interact with God’s creation. To rest actually puts things back into motion and

calls for humanity to help carry out God’s creative process. We are then reminded

that all is right, good, and holy, and God honors God’s work and all of creation

with God’s blessing. It was all supremely good.

The Bible story helps children come to know their identity as a child of God. It

provides a foundation of self-reflection and self-acceptance. To be known and

loved by God is one of the most important messages we can teach our children.

Help your children see the reflection of God in themselves and how they can use

their creativity to help continue to create a beautiful world.

Spiritual Activity for the Family:

This week write positive affirmations around your house. You may also

write positive messages to those in your family. When you read a

message, stop and thank God for that person. Repeat the phrase three

times and then remember that you area a beautiful child of God.

Welcome to Wonder:

Be sure that your wonder table is prepared and ready. Gather together as

a family near your table.

WONDER together:

*What does it mean to be a child of God?

*How do you know you are a child of God?

CONTINUE to Wonder:

*Are all people children of God?

PRAY together:

Dear God, thank you for creating me and making me your child. Amen.

Wonder with Me:

READ the Bible Story:

*Read the Bible story that is on your Wonder table. The scripture passage is

Genesis 1:26 – 2:45.

*Roll the Wonder Cube (It was located in you package). Take time to answer a

few of the questions.

WATCH the Bible Story:

Clink link below to watch video.

SHARE the Faith Word:

The Faith Word is CREAVTIVITY. Creativity is the process of imagining and making

something, just like God imagined and created the world. So, what makes

someone creative?


This is the time where we are creative. Find the following items to be able to do

your art project: paper, pencils, colored pencils, crayons and markers

Before you begin, close your eyes and say “God is so big and so creative.”


*What do you think God looks like? What do you imagine God is like?

*Draw and color how you imagine God.

*Share your drawings with one another.

*What did you learn about God?


Exploring creation through beauty

*Look at your hands. Place the palm of your hands facing forward.

*Then trace the lines on the palms of your hands.

*Say this litany together as you continue tracing the lines of your hands.

God created me just as I am.

God made me from the palm of God’s hand.

And if there are days when I am feeling afraid, upset, or down.

I can touch my hand and know that God is always around. Amen.

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